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What’s new for developers

GNOME 46 comes with plenty of new features and enhancements for those who use the GNOME platform. These include updates to GNOME’s developer tools, improved libraries, and updated language bindings.

We encourage you to explore the GNOME Developer website for a comprehensive overview of the resources available to you. Get started building and contributing to the next generation of GNOME experiences!


GNOME 46 has been released in coordination with the latest GTK version, 4.14, which comes with several significant changes.

New default renderer

This latest GTK release has a new default renderer, called NGL. Developers will notice a number of improvements with the new renderer, including enhanced antialiasing, better handling of fractional scaling, more powerful support for gradients, and improved performance using Dmabufs.

NGL is one of two new GTK renderers which are currently being worked on, and which mark a significant step towards a more powerful and versatile rendering future for GTK applications. For those who want to learn more, there are two posts on the GTK development blog: new renderers for GTK and on fractional scales, fonts and hinting.

Accessibility improvements

GTK 4.14 comes with a set of significant accessibility improvements.

Again, more information can be found on the GTK development blog.


The main addition in libadwaita 1.5 is the new dialogs (AdwDialog), which are presented within the parent window rather than as their own window, and are adaptive, presented as bottom sheets on mobile. Ports of existing window-based dialog widgets are available (AdwAlertDialog, AdwPreferencesDialog, AdwAboutDialog). The old widgets are planned for deprecation next next cycle.

In addition to the new dialogs, libadwaita 1.5 includes a set of the new APIs:

Class New method/property
EntryRow :text-length
BreakpointBin remove_breakpoint()
SwipeTracker :allow-window-handle

A detailed blog post is available.


The following web features now function in sandboxed Flatpak applications:

The accessibility trees of the WebView and GTK4 are also now connected.

Other GNOME Platform Enhancements

Other improvements to the GNOME platform for GNOME 46 include:

Enhanced Developer Apps

GNOME 46 includes a number of enhancements to GNOME’s developer apps.


Workbench 46 makes it easy to try, learn and explore GNOME app development, and is a great way to try new GNOME 46 developer features such as libadwaita’s new style dialogs (check out the “Dialog” and “Message Dialogs” entries in the Library).

Download on Flathub

Highlights of changes between Workbench 45 and 46 include:

Notes for Distributions

Distributions which plan to include GNOME 46 should be aware of the following changes: