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GNOME 43 for Developers

GNOME’s developer technologies have had a host of improvements for GNOME 43. The new version includes a huge Builder update, plus a range of enhancements to developer libraries, including GTK, GLib, libadwaita, and more.



Builder has had a very significant update for GNOME 43. Freshly ported to GTK 4, the new version includes a host of user interface enhancements and improvements.

Interface Changes

Along with being ported to GTK 4, Builder has had a major UI overhaul for GNOME 43. The app’s UI has been reimagined, refined, and refreshed.

New Capabilities

The changes in the new Builder release are more than skin deep, and the new version includes a number of important functional enhancements.



GNOME 43 is accompanied by GTK 4.8, which was released earlier in the month. This new version of the toolkit includes a range of new features and enhancements.


GNOME 43 is accompanied by GLib 2.74, which includes a set of improvements:

Note that GLib 2.74 will require an additional part of the C99 specification: variadic arguments in macros, using __VA_ARGS__. All supported toolchains (GCC, Clang, MSVC) already comply to this standard. Other compilers should be checked that they support C99.


GNOME 43 is accompanied by libadwaita 1.2.0. The new version includes a number of new widgets:

Other smaller changes in libadwaita 1.2.0 include:

More detailed information can be found in Alexander Mikhaylenko’s blog post on libadwaita 1.2.

GNOME JavaScript

GNOME 43 is accompanied by GJS 1.74.0, which includes

Developer Docs

Getting Started

GNOME’s developer documentation has received a number of improvements since the last release.

Finally, Vala was given a new website!