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Updated HIG

The GNOME Interface Guidelines are the primary source of design documentation for those creating software with the GNOME development platform. The HIG has been updated with up to date Libadwaita widgetry and representative screenshots.

Most of the widget screenshots are generated from .ui files and thus become easier to maintain. And just like the platform itself, even the guidelines will follow your dark style preference.

Devel Docs


Builder Templates

Builder, GNOME’s native IDE, ships with updated templates for creating new applications in Rust, Python and Vala. It also features a better container workflow.

Builder now resolves files to a toolbox or podman container correctly and therefore can offer clang completions, symbol resolution and hover information from the container.


Libadwaita is a GTK 4 library implementing the GNOME HIG, complementing GTK. It is a direct successor to Libhandy, which tried to fill this role for GTK 3. Libadwaita 1.0 was released at the end of 2021.

Many of the GNOME applications that are being ported to GTK 4 are using libadwaita to provide a consistent style and user experience.

The 1.0 release includes reworked documentation and new widgets such as Toasts.

Libadwaita Toasts


The development version of Sysprof can find debug-info for Flatpak apps. Combined with the introduction of frame pointers to org.freedesktop.Platform 21.08 and to the nightly org.gnome.Platform, you can now use Sysprof to profile GNOME Flatpak apps.

This also applies when using Sysprof as part of GNOME Builder.


Tracker, GNOME’s search and indexing backend, has undergone extensive development during this cycle.

Tracker Miners



The new 0.56 release includes lots of new features:

For more information see the Vala release notes.

Documentation has been updated during this cycle:

Many libraries had their docs ported to gi-docgen, among others: